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Seneye Leak Detector

Seneye Leak Detector

Enhance your Seneye monitoring with leak detection.

The new Seneye Leak Detector (Slim Model) is an accessory to the Seneye monitoring kits. It alerts you to potentially dangerous events like a tank or filter leak.

Made with real gold, the Seneye Leak Detector allows your existing Seneye Monitoring system to send text and email alerts, which will be visible on your dashboard alongside your alerts for other parameters, like NH3 and pH, whenever a leak is detected. You will only receive text alerts with an active slide registered to your device.

The Leak Detector comes in two different versions:

  • Slim Leak Detector -  8mm thick and 66mm in sensory diameter so that it can squeeze into the gaps in your fish tank cabinet
  • Weighted Leak Detector -  11mm and heavy enough to stay secure where ever you put it
  • Both versions have the option of a 1m or 2m cable

The Leak Detector requires a Seneye Web Server (SWS). It is easy to connect and plugs straight into your existing system, with up to two Leak Detectors per Web Server. With two Leak Detectors connected, your SWS will send you an alert when either one detects a leak.

Instructions for connecting your Leak Detector to your Seneye Web Server can be found here.

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