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Majano Wand

Majano Wand Majano and Aiptasia Remover

Majano Wand Majano and Aiptasia Remover

So Easy, It's Like Magic.

The Majano Wand is an easy and effective tool for ridding your tank of pesky anemones like Majanos and Aiptasia. It works by breaking down the water molecules in the cells of the anemone into hydrogen gas and oxygen. This forces the cells to expand and burst, to disintegrate the anemone on contact.

The wand runs on low voltage, and it will not shock you or your tank. The tip is sharp, so be cautious. You quickly poke at the anemone with the metal tip and hit the button to zap the anemones into oblivion. Up until the push button, the entire wand and chord can be submerged to make sure you can get into those hard-to-reach areas. 

If you want to rid your tank of these persistent pests, the Majano Wand is a great tool in your arsenal. The wand is available in a Mini 5" and a Standard 25.5" model.

Majano Wand "Mini" Specifications

Wand Length= 5"
Lead Wire Length= 60"
Voltage Output= 12v/500mA
Input= 110v

Majano Wand "Standard" Specifications

Wand Length= 25.5"
Lead Wire length= 60"
Voltage Output= 12v/500mA
Input= 110v


Keep the device away from children; use with caution as the probe is dulled but sharp enough to break the skin.
The rod is acrylic and very fragile; it can break, don’t bend it.
Always keep the push button and power adapter out of water.
Only use according to the directions.


  1. Uncoil the wires and plug the power supply into an outlet. Carefully remove the plastic cap on the tip of the Majano Wand.
  2. To use, hold the button down on the wand and continuously pierce the Majano or Aiptasia with the needle (it will only kill the parts that touch the needle). Do not hold the button down when not touching an anemone.
  3. After five or six insertions, the anemone should be completely white and gooey-looking.
  4. If you see any tentacles or tissue still alive, touch them with the needle while pushing the button. It is sometimes easier to slide the side of the needle along the Majano or Aiptasia rather than pierce it.
  5. If you do not kill the entire anemone, it can regrow in a short amount of time. White “goo” should float to the top when the Majano is dead; remove this goo. Repeat steps two and three when needed.
  6. The wand releases gasses when in use. For this reason, do not exceed usage beyond the time indicated in the chart below. After an hour, you can use it again.
  7. When finished, run/soak the tip in freshwater for a minute and dry thoroughly.
  8. Replace the cap and store it in the original box for safety.

Usage times: (do not exceed usage)

300 gallons————-60 minutes
200 gallons————-40 minutes
100 gallons————-20 minutes
50 gallons—————10 minutes
25 gallons—————5 minutes

After this amount of time, wait an hour for the gases to disperse, and then it can be used again.

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