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IceCap 1 Micron PP Sediment Reverse Osmosis Pre-filter

IceCap 1 Micron PP Sediment Reverse Osmosis Pre-filter

1 Micron 10in PP Sediment Pre-filter for Reverse Osmosis System

Industry-standard 10in cartridge will fit our Smart RODI system as well as virtually every brand of RO system that use similar-looking filter cartridges.

PP 1 Micron Sediment Pre-Filter

Sediment pre-filter is often used as the first stage filtration before the carbon block for reverse osmosis systems water purification.
The 1 µm sediment pre-filter removes dirt, sediment, sand, rust and scale particles.


  • Removes dirt, sediment, sand, rust, and scale particles
  • Prevents the carbon block filter from prematurely exhausting
  • Service life up to 2500 gallons
  • It fits standard 10" filter housings

*Nominal rating will remove >85% of particulate of a given size from water with single-pass filtration

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