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HYDROS Smart Plug

HYDROS Smart Plug

A Smart and Affordable Way to Power Your Aquarium Gear

The HYDROS WiFi Smart Plug is a smart power outlet designed to work with the CoralVue HYDROS platform.

The Smart Plug has a 1 x 100-250V AC outlet that is WiFi controllable using the free HYDROS app for Android and iOS/Apple mobile devices. You can turn the outlet on and off wirelessly over a 2.4 GHz WiFi frequency. In addition, the Smart Plug has a range of 98’, so you can place them around your home without any difficulty connecting to your modem or router.

The key difference between the HYDROS Smart Plug and the HYDROS Power 4 Power Strip, other than the number of controllable outlets, is that the Smart Plug can measure the current and wattage of the device it is powering and alert you if it moves out of tolerance.

Like the Power 4, the Smart Plug has an LED status indicator to let you know when the outlet is energized.


Control and Monitor Aquarium Equipment from Your Mobile Device

By using the HYDROS app with the Smart Plug, you can create rules and schedules to turn on and off different pieces of aquarium equipment, like a pump, powerhead, light, heater, algae scrubber, UV sterilizer, protein skimmer, and whatever else you may want to control on-demand or put on a schedule.


Control Multiple Smart Plugs from a Single, Easy-to-Use Mobile App

Another great thing about the Smart Plug is that you can control multiple Smart Plugs from the HYDROS app. For example, you might use one to power the heater in your display tank, another for your return pump, and a third in your office which you could program to turn on a lamp to alert you if one of your connected devices is not operating normally. The beauty of it is that you can control all these different Smart Plugs using a single app for different purposes.


Monitor the Power of Your Devices So You Can Take Corrective Action

The HYDROS Smart Plug continuously monitors the energy use of whatever is plugged into it. By measuring the current and wattage being consumed by your equipment, you will know if a device is not operating normally and an alert can be sent to your mobile device. For example, if you observe that the power consumption of your pump has declined, that may be a good indicator that it is time to clean the pump to improve its performance. You could also connect a battery backup device to a Smart Plug to monitor its power consumption so that if anything changes, you would have the opportunity to replace the battery to ensure your aquarium is protected in the event of a power failure.


Be Notified If an Outlet Fails So You Can Take Corrective Action

You can also monitor your Smart Plug outlets. If an outlet fails or loses its WiFi connection, you will be immediately notified via alerts to your mobile device. This safety feature can help prevent a tank catastrophe. For example, if the outlet powering your return pump failed, you would receive a notification to let you know something is awry so that you can take corrective action. As a temporary fix, you might decide to turn on all your flow pumps and increase their speed remotely via the HYDROS app to keep the water moving and the temperature stable until you can arrive home to investigate.

HYDROS Smart Outlet Specifications

Item #: CV-HDRS-P205
  AC 120V
Outlets: 1 AC Outlet
Total Power Rating: 10A
Total USB Power: 2A
WiFi Frequency: 2.4 GHz
Max Range: 98ft

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