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HYDROS Dual Inline TDS Sensor

HYDROS Dual Inline TDS Sensor

HYDROS Sense Port Accessory

Monitor your RO/DI units' water quality with HYDROS Dual Inline TDS Sensor. Plugs directly into any HYDROS Control with an available Sense Port and does not require any additional power source.

Dual Inline TDS Sensor

The HYDROS Digital Inline TDS Meter has two sensors to monitor the water quality of any RO/DI system. The corrosion-resistant titanium sensors will provide years of trouble-free readouts. 

This device plugs directly into any available HYDROS Control Sense Port and requires no additional power source.


  • Simple Installation (includes 1/4in push connect fittings)
  • Two High-Quality Titanium Sensors
  • Small & Compact Design
  • Easy Magnet Mount Display


Range: 0-999ppm

Resolution: 1ppm

Accuracy: +/- 2%

Sensor Cable Length: 24in

Display Cable Length: 13ft

Size: 2 x 0.6in (diameter x thickness)

Battery Model: CR2032 (Not required - the meter is powered by the HYDROS Controller)

Requires a HYDROS Control with an available Sense Port to operate; sold separately

Easy Sensor Installation

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