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Fauna Marin

Fauna Marin Coral Sprint Food

Fauna Marin Coral Sprint Food

Premium-grade Marine Bacterioplankton Substitute for Feeding Corals

Coral Sprint is a premium-grade marine Bacterioplankton substitute for feeding corals in ultra-low nutrient aquarium systems (ULNS) such as shallow-water coral reefs. When added to the system, NO3 or PO4 will not increase, but corals are supplied with the essential nutrients and proteins it needs to stay healthy. Coral Sprint provides all corals with a deep, rich color and fluorescent glow. It also gives a metallic shine to coral tissue.

Dosing Recommendations

  • One dosing spoon per 500 L (132 US gal), dose every two days
  • Mix Coral Sprint powder in a cup of tank water, shake well for at least 20 seconds
  • Then pour it directly into the aquarium
  • Do not target feed the corals
  • Start with 25% of the recommended dosing



Mollusks and crustaceans


  • Crude protein 85%
  • Crude fat 11%
  • Crude fibre 3%
  • Crude ash 1%
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