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Dymax Windy Cooling Fan

Dymax Windy Cooling Fan

Cool Water Temperature with Dymax Windy Fan

The Dymax Windy Cooling Fan effectively lowers the water temperature in an aquarium, especially during the warmer months of the year. This easy-to-use fan has a built-in clamp, allowing you to attach it to most aquariums' edges securely. By blowing air across the water's surface, the fan helps reduce the temperature through evaporative cooling. And thanks to its flexible arm, you can easily adjust the airflow for optimal performance. The Dymax Windy Fan is available in the W-4 and W-7 sizes.


  • Use to prevent an overheated aquarium
  • Hang on design
  • Compact and quiet operation
  • Easy installation
W-4 Specifications W-7 Specifications
  • Size: 3.75x1.2x5"
  • Rated voltage - DC 12V
  • Max Air Flow - 4CFM
  • Max Air Pressure - 5.06mmH20
  • Operating Temperature - negative 10~16°C
  • Size: 2.5x1x4"
  • Rated voltage - DC 12V
  • Max Air Flow - 9.0CFM
  • Max Air Pressure - 5.52mmH20
  • Operating Temperature - negative 10~16°C 
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