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Dymax SpaceX Marine Light

Dymax SpaceX Marine Light

Reef LED Light for Optimal Coral Growth

The Dymax SpaceX LED Lighting is created to offer an ideal blend of several LEDs for the best photosynthetic activity and coral growth. This lighting system projects a complete range of light, comprising the vital actinic blue spectrum wavelength that aids in robust coral growth and color enhancement. Moreover, the LED emits well-balanced light, enabling accurate observation of fish and the entire aquatic environment of the aquarium.


  • 24hrs Smart Control
  • Night light option
  • Spectrum control
  • Convective heat exchange design
  • Intensity selection

In the Box:

  • Light stand (suitable for up to 10mm glass)
  • Power adapter
  • Start-up guide
  • Allen wrench
  • Power cord


  • Length: 6in (15cm)
  • Width: 6in (15cm)
  • Height: 1.4in (3.5cm)
  • Power consumption: 48w
  • Cable length: 10ft (3.048m)
  • UL-Rated
  • LEDS: 4x green, 4x red, 21x Blue, 13x White, 6x Purple

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