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Dennerle CO2 Nano Flipper

Dennerle CO2 Nano Flipper

The Dennerle CO2 Nano Flipper is the perfect accessory for maximizing CO2 use in small aquariums. Its vent design prevents blockages and false gases, ensuring optimal efficiency.

Maximizing CO2 Efficiency in Nano Aquariums

The Dennerle CO2 Nano Flipper is an accessory specifically designed for CO2 fertilization systems in nano aquariums. With its unique vent design, this small device improves the efficiency of the CO2 system by blocking false gases like nitrogen from entering the CO2 bubble, ensuring that there are no clogs and maximizing the use of CO2. 


  • The collection tray ensures an effective CO2 dissolution
  • Safe - large amounts of CO2 are automatically removed by the waste gas ventilation
  • Can be combined with all conventional CO2 fertilization systems
  • Made of high-quality plastic with a long service life
  • Made for aquariums 40L (10 US Gals.) or less
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