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Dennerle CO2 Flipper

Dennerle CO2 Flipper

The Dennerle CO2 Flipper improves CO2 fertilization by blocking false gases and improving efficiency. It works with any standard setup, old or new. The Flipper is available in several variations.

Versatile Accessory for Enhancing CO2 Fertilization Systems

The Dennerle CO2 Flipper is a versatile accessory that enhances the performance of any CO2 fertilization system, whether it's an existing one or a new installation. The Flipper's unique vent design effectively blocks false gases, such as nitrogen, from infiltrating the CO2 bubble, thus preventing clogs and maximizing CO2 efficiency. The Flipper is available in several variations.


  • The collection tray ensures an effective CO2 dissolution
  • Safe - large amounts of CO2 are automatically removed by the waste gas ventilation
  • Can be combined with all conventional CO2 fertilization systems
  • Made of high-quality plastic with a long service life
  • Available in 60L, 200L, 300L, and 600L sizes.
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