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ATI Elements Strontium - 1000 mL

ATI Elements Strontium - 1000 mL

Strontium is used by many organisms to help build and develop their skeletons. Adding Strontium can improve coral growth. The ATI Elements Strontium Supplement for Reef Aquariums is available in a 1,000 ml bottle.

ATI Water Testing and Treatment

ATI’s line of water treatment products is a comprehensive care system for your aquarium. By using ATI Essentials you can work smarter—not harder—to supply all the essential elements your tank needs in one easy-to-use system.

Let ATI do the math and chemistry for you! Get complete water quality analysis with ATI Lab mail-in water testing service. Use your results as a recipe for success to fine-tune your aquarium using ATI Elements for maximum coral health and growth.

To keep your reef tank parameters stable and at ideal levels, use the ATI DP-6 Dosing Pump to automatically dispense your favorite ATI brand supplements.

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