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AI Hydra 32 HD Freshwater LED Module - White Body

AI Hydra 32 HD Freshwater LED Module - White Body

AI's Well-Known Power & Spread, Designed with Planted Aquariums in Mind

The new Hydra 32 Freshwater offers insane power in a small form factor with a dedicated moonlight channel and App controllability. With custom designed optical lenses and the ability to fully customize your spectrum from the convenience of your smart device, the Hydra 32 Freshwater offers an unequaled finishing touch for your planted tank.

  • Easy Control with the MyAI App
  • Dedicated Moonlight channel
  • Proven spectrum for freshwater plant growth
  • 80-degree lenses for balanced power and spread
  • Improved color blending


Smart LED

The Hydra 32 Freshwater LED selection allows you to customize a spectrum that appeals to your visual preference while supplying the core output that planted freshwater aquariums require.



Redesigning the plastics in the Prime and Hydra lineup has resulted in two major benefits: better efficiency and better aesthetics. Efficiency improvements reduce the demands on active cooling for longer component life. Design improvements allow for thinner fixtures with reduced profiles, reducing their visible presence over your aquarium.



A dedicated moonlight LED and channel has been added in the new Prime HD, Hydra 32HD and Hydra 64HD modules. This allows for independent moonlighting designed to simulate the natural lunar color and intensity.



Control on the lights will use the existing myAI® app which is free, simple and very quick to a program offering onsite direct BLE connection through your smart device. Use the App Dashboard to quickly turn your lights on/off or change their mode. Use the easy Schedule Mode to program your light color and intensity at multiple set points throughout the day. Use the App's convenient Kelvin wheel to seamlessly select the exact desired color temperature. An Acclimation Mode is also included to help provide a gentle transition needed for new plants to adapt and survive.

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